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What's hot
Chris Seguin's Java Refactory
Pattern Depot
UML models of GoF patterns
Another UML GoF
Patterns mailing list archives
Tomorrow's Professor: Preparing for Academic Careers in Science and Engineering
UIUC Patterns Group Reading List
Mirror of JDK docs
Patterns List Archive
PLoP '98
ChiliPLoP registration
Statistics consulting
EOL 490 TC
Habanero docs in progress
Habanero source (restricted access)
Habanero beta bugs (restricted access)
Habanero internal release candidate (restricted access)
Habanero Test Plan (Restricted access)
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Design by contract
Pedagogical Patterns: Successes in Teaching Object Technology
Pedagogical Patterns: Successes in Teaching Object Technology
Patterns archive
Psychology of Programming Interest Group (PPIG)
Joe Yoder's Frameworks Page
Ralph Johnson's Frameworks Page
Michael Mattsson's Framework Page
Smalltalk software development practices
Squeak Smalltalk
Squeak tutorial
Mallard interactive learning environment
Pipes and Filters by Dragos
Mark Guzdial Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center
Alan Cooper's Design Bibliography
Categroizing Patterns
Mary Beth Rosson (computer instruction person)
Habanero beta
Algis' introduction to Habanerizing an applet
Empirical Studies of Programmers
ESP Student workshop
Using Patterns '97
Why Training Adults Hurts
PLoP 97
Stable -- Smalltalk library
Concurrent Programming in Java
How to make VW Apps from Joe Turner <>'s CS 428
Smalltalk FAQ (text)
Smalltalk FAQ (web)
PLoP '96
PLoP '96 technical program
Ward's Pattern Server
Smalltalk-Hypertalk Michael's Thesis
An HTML 2.0 Pattern Language
Vancouver Area Smalltalk User Group
Siemens Patterns
Empirical Software Engineering: An International Journal
Growth of Human Factors in Application Development
LaTeX template for Thesis
My Angelfire website


GDP Previewer (Christian Newspaper)
Larry Smarr's lecture
Agricultre Open House March 13-14
UIUC net names
Champaign-Urbana weather forecast
Edit ph info
UIUC fax gateway
Computer Science Graduate Student Organization (has link to Guide To Life)
CSIL TA information page
UIUC phone book
UIUC people
Graduate Guide
The University of Illinois Locator
UIUC Ride Board
Office of International Student Affairs
Jon Dantzig's LANDING AN ACADEMIC JOB: The process and the pitfalls
UIUC's Map server
UIUC ACM Electronic Sign
UIUC area counter page
Tom Ewing, local US Representative
Local Congresspersons
Rick Winkel, State Representative, 103rd District Re-election campaign
Illinois senator Carol Moseley-Braun
CCSO Dialup charges
UIUC Singapore Students Association
Champaign-Urbana Online
Xoftware -- local info
Sons & Daughters (local Christian rock group)
Virtual Tourist Illinois
Champaign-Urbana FaithWeb (Local Christian stuff)
University of Illinois Astronomical Society (UIAS)
Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg website Local astronomy happenings
Office of International Student Affairs
WBGL Christian Radio
Christian Studies Center
Cyberfest '97 (celebrating the birth HAL)
Cyberfest '97 Obelisk
Engineering Open House
Local GKC theatre listings
Locally licensed anti-virus softwre
CRL Helpdesk
NCSA Access
Order transcripts
Savoy 14 theatre listings
GKC theatre listings


Clari news photos (must have subscription)
Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette
CraYON (CReAte Your Own News)
ABC Radio News
Voice of America Gopher
Voice of America website
Voice of America Real Audio site
Stamper's News Nuggets
News Alert
Singapore International Foundation
Malaysia: This week back home
The Star Online
Berita Harian
Asiaweek Online
INtv Singapore
Clarinet News
Asia One
Malaysian News Sources & other Information
Niagara Falls Camera
The Netly News
Mission Network News
News about attacks on Indonesian churches
News about Eugene "Queno" Nij
New York Times
The New York TimesSubscriber page
Christian Community Network

Search engines

Meta Crawler
Alta Vista
Infoseek 2
Resource One
Media Online Yellow Pages
Yahoo People Search
four11 (white pages)
Reverse Telephone Search
AOL's Name Search
Six Degrees
Ahoy -- Homepage finder
Church Locator
Shareware Software Search Engine
Winfiles Shareware
Gamelan (Java applet directory)
Price Watch
Deja News (Usenet archive search)
Phone Spell


Malaysian links
UIUC's Oxford English Dictionary
What Is (computer terms dictionary)
Encyclopedia Britannica
  Subscribers only: Britain San Diego Chicago
Babelfish translation website
Translation Experts InterTran
Kamus Bahasa Indonesia
CMU's Hypertext Webster
Wörterbuch Englisch-Deutsch und Deutsch-Englisch (USA)
Wörterbuch Englisch-Deutsch und Deutsch-Englisch (Berlin)
Wörterbuch Englisch-Deutsch und Deutsch-Englisch (München)
Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbücher aller Art
Pedro's dictionary page
Indonesian Dictionary at
Spanish-English Dictionary by Carlos Alberto Carvajal Torres
Mandarin Tools Chinese dictionary, translator, much more
Zhongwen Chinese Dictionary & culture
OK88 English -> Chinese Dictionary
English-Japanese Dictionary
Roget's Thesaurus
Learning & teaching Tamil
Bible Gateway
Parokinet Indonesian Bible (Alkitab)
Sabda Web Indonesian Bible (Alkitab)
KJV Bible with Strong's Concordance
Strong's Concordance with Greek & Hebrew search
Arabic Bible
Greek Lexicon
Way of Life Encyclopedia
Xerox PARC map of the world
Interactive Weather Browser
Weather Forecast from Intellicast
International Travel Advisories and maps
City Net international information
USA CityLink
TIGER Mapping Service
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
GeoCities GeoViewer
Virtual Tourist
Air Traveller's Handbook
Travel Planner
The Nations of the Commonwealth
The World by Rivendel
Currency Converter
Net Tax
Metric/Imperial measurements conversion
Movie Database
Plugged In (Focus on the Family) film reviews
Mr. Showbiz movie reviews
Virtual Medical Center
Internet Country Codes
AFU Urban Legend Archive
Stanford University's Online Courses


[Baha'i] [Buddhism] [Christianity] [Hinduism] [Islam] [Judaism] [Sikh] [Zoroastrianism]


A Bahá'í Faith Page
Bahá'u'lláh -- The Glory of God
The Orthodox Bahái Faith


San Francisco Zen Hospice
Buddhism World Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition
Introduction to Theravada Buddhism
Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism
Eight Fold Path - basic Buddhist study with a Nichiren Shoshu perspective
Dalai Lama's Tibetian Buddhism
The Eightfold Path


Bible Gateway
KJV Bible with Strong's Concordance
Arabic Bible
Biographies of saints
Four Spiritual Laws
Directory of Church Web Pages
Sons & Daughters
Bible Research Systems
Living Stones
CCC Canada
The Jesus Film Project
Jesus Army
Leadership U
Online Bible Study
Acts 17:11 Bible Studies
Christian Macintosh Users Group
Way of Life Encyclopedia
Kingdom Surf
DAWN Europa's Friday Fax (English Translation)
Verse of the Day (Dave Perkins)
Grace Web
Radio Bible Class
Gospel Communications Network
Web Chapel
Puritan Hope Book Service
Christian Resources
Christian Connections
Mission Network News
Screwtape on the net
Grace Notes
Worship II
Bible in several languages
Deutsche Bibel
Christianity Page
Not Just Bibles
World Christian Resources
Christian Research Institute
Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Apostolic Life Church
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Christian Music (JR Music)
Christian Interactive Network
Christian Artists List
The Gallery (inspiring images)
The Vatican
New Every Morning
Christian Connection
Jews for Jesus
Mission Network News
Grace Community Church, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
Jesus Christ Ministries
Champaign-Urbana FaithWeb (Local Christian stuff)
News about attacks on Indonesian churches
News about Eugene "Queno" Nij
Missions Toolbox
The Rutherford Institue
Reasons to believe (Hugh Ross) The Five Points of Calvinism
A defense of Calvinism by Spurgeon
Answering Islam (Christian answers to Islam)
Amity News Service Important note: This is a publication of the China Christian Council, an arm of the Communist Chinese government! Be careful of whatever you read here.
Open Doors - Field Operations
Warlpiri Bible Translation Project
Fellowship of Indonesian Christians in America
Catholic Answers
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Scriptural Catholicism
7th Time Music (Kevin Prosch)
The Salvation Army
The Nazareth Resource Library (Catholic)
New Advent Catholic Supersite
Nazareth Resource Library (Catholic)
Brad's Orthodox Page
Orthodox Articles of Interest for Inquiring Evangelicals
Debate between Muslims & Christians
Wheaton's Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Writings of Early Church Fathers
Applied Presuppositionalism
HP's Amish feature articles
Christian Research Institute
EWTN Global Catholic Network
The Christian Activist "A Journal of Orthodox Opinion"
Christian Music Online
Breakpoint with Chuck Colson
Peter Lu's collection of Urbana '96 messages
Christianity Today
Caleb Project
The Church on the Web
Origins of the Universe
WBGL Christian Radio
WONU Christian Radio
Radio Eden
American Christian radio listings (
Lightsource Audionet
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Journal of Applied Missiology
Christian Community Network
Church Locator
Malaysian Christian Resources Centre
Present Testimony Ministry
First Things: A Journal of Religion and Public Life
The Connection For Christ
Focus on the Family
Bible at a glance
Christian Studies Center
Global Opportunities
ACMI -- Association of Christians Ministering to Internationals
Russian-American Christian University (RACU)
Missionaire International
OMF Teaching English opportunities in Thailand
Muslim-Christian Dialogue
Speed The Need (STN) -- lots of RealAudio/Video
Free Christian Software Directory
Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Indonesian Bible
GDP Previewer (Christian Newspaper)
Watchman Fellowship (cult watch)
Boundless (College student magazine from Focus on the Family)
Whirlwind Bible Tour: A whimsically humorous and brief overview of the Bible
The Way. The Way of Truth and Life (James Miller)
The Palm Beach Interview Series (the story of the martyrs Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, Pete Fleming, Ed McCully and Roger Youderian)
Christian music MIDIs
Xians in Australia
Charismatic Episcopal Church
Unreached People's Prayer Profiles
Story of a miraculous healing from Cancer
Worship World -- Help for the worship leader (USA mirror)
Christian Music jukebox
Fox's Book of Martyrs (Wheaton)
Fox's book of martyrs (poconos)
Fox's Book of martyrs (Markus)
Fox's book of martyrs (Laymen's Ministry)
RealVideo of debate between Dr. William Lane Craig (Christian) & Dr. Peter Atkins (Atheist).
Open Doors International World Watch List (Persecution)
Peggie's Place "Christian Fun & Family Home"
Split Infinity Music
Strong's Concordance with Greek & Hebrew search
The Branches of Life (with free tapes)
Web Evangelism Guide
Crosswalk search engine
Greater Open Door
Debunking the "NASA proves the missing day of Joshua" urban legend
Citizen Link (Focus on the Famiily) debunks Christian Urban Legends
Answers to questions about Christianity by CMN of South Africa.
Rockin' With The Cross Christian Guitar Music Tabs
Howard Culbertson's Christian missions & world evangelism resources
Christian perspectives on computing


Global Hindu Electronic Network
The Hindu Universe
Introduction to Hinduism
Hindu Students Council


Dr. Jihad's! Page 'O Heavy Issues
MSA Buffalo
Book Of Islam
The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement
The Infallibles Shi'a Page
Christian answers to Islam
Shia Ismaili
Qur'an in Indonesian
Debate between Muslims & Christians
Muslim-Christian Dialogue
Who is our Savior? Allah or Jesus? (Muslim Rebuttal to Answering Islam)


Jewish Words
Jewish Links
Chai Center
Jews for Jesus
soc.culture.jewish FAQs


Introduction to Sikhism
Gurpal Samra's Sikhism Resource List
Yahoo:Society and Culture:Religion:Sikhism


Zarathushtrian Assembly
Stanford University Zoroastrian Group

Computer information

Sendmail tutorial
Solaris Solve
GIMP docs
IBM Java Tools
Jikes Java debugger beta
UNIX MIDI plugin
Chat software for Mac & PC
MI/X Free X-windows server for Mac and Windows 95
Free Software Licensing Alternatives
Virus reality site
Doctor HTML
Web Site Garage
Net Mechanic
URL Minder
Christian Macintosh Users Group
Internet Anagram
An HTML 2.0 Pattern Language
Mothersoft free CGI stuff
Color backgrounds
Troubleshooting Email and Internet Connectivity
Graphical Web Development Tools
Mail gateway
Peter Lewis' Macintosh Network utilites
Jon Wiederspan's Macintosh WWW Development Guide
Ultimate Mac
HTML Reference
Creating HTML Documents
Places to get WWW servers
Mark Zinzow's Mailing List Info
Transparent GIFs
WWW Primers
HTML Forms/CGI Workshop
The List (of internet providers)
J.P. Morgan's Industry Analysis of the WWW
Team Java
The Cult of Mac
World of Words (Mac word-processor reviews etc.)
Macintosh Word Processing
Aladdin Systems (Stuffit)
David Hopwood's page of Java loopholes
Dome Wars
Sound Machine
Sources of Fonts and Accessories in CyberSpace
Mozilla cookies
Free Email Fax
Prat på torget (Webchat)
Maui Chat Rooms (Webchat)
Fun City Webchat
Converting HTML to other formats
NewzBot (Free news servers)
Open News Sites
Linux for PowerPC
Linux on PowerPC FAQ-O-Matic
Word Perfect Mac updates
WordPerfect Mac News
Iomega updates
MacLinkPlus upgrades
MacAddict help
Frontier (Integrated web tool)
Nifty Telnet
pstotext Postcript -> Text converter
Oddities, Curios & Rarities for Macintosh
Star Office -- free for personal use
Sam Spade, Spam Hunter
Macintosh MIDI utilities
MacOS 8 Tips and links


Official FIGlet Page
Lon Koenig's FIGlet Server
DyT's FIGlet Server
Joerg Seyfferth's FIGlet server
Yahoo:Arts:Computer Generated:ASCII Art:Figlet


[Stories] [Humor] [Comics] [Multimedia] [Magazines]


Things to Read: Stories
The Shakespeare Homepage
Bibliomania: The Network Library


Things to read: Humor
Barbara's Tales of the Wooden Spoon: Faxlore
Barbara's Tales of the Wooden Spoon: Urban Legends
Haiku Error Messages
Patrick Combs' Amazing $95,093.35 Adventure
The Darwin Awards
Shoebox Funny But No
Jokes by thread
The Corporation
HUMOR list archive
'Twas the Night Before Easter
Henry Cate III's LifeView
The Funny Times
U/Laff: Comedy from Seattle
The Dave Barry Page
Teatime with Dave Barry
Dave Barry column collection
Olympic Dave Barry
George Goble and the 3-second grill
The Usenet Oracle
Goble's Super BBQ
The Case Of Computer Envy
The Exploding Whale
Funny host names
Dr. Science of Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre
The Annals of Improbable Research
Laugh Lines
This Is True
Jokers Korner/ Kelaka Corner
The Cameron Column
Pattern for Pizza Inversion
The Good Clean Funnies List
Humor List Archives
Humor List Archives (alternate site)
Computer Humor


Reverend Fun
United Press Syndicate's comics
Worldviews (requires clari & netscape 1.1)
Bizarro (requires clari & netscape 1.1)
Doonesbury (requires clari & netscape 1.1)
Experimental (requires clari & netscape 1.1)
For Better or For Worse (requires clari & netscape 1.1)
Fox Trot (requires clari & netscape 1.1)
Toles (requires clari & netscape 1.1)
Rose is Rose
Jump Start
Alley Oop
Arlo & Janice
Over the Hedge
This week's Dr. Fun Archive page
Dr. Fun at Sunsite
Clarinet comics, but not needing netscape 1.1
Doctor Fun
Dilbert, Dr. Fun & others
The Calvin and Hobbes Jumpstation
The Comic Strip
Far Side
Tribune Comics Page
100 comics strips
Ito Galleries (Disney fan art)
Fine Toon Cartoon Art
Animation Gallery
Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery
Sat7 Image Gallery


Netscape animation contest winners
Replacement throbbers
Batman forever
c|net's Studio Cam


First Things: A Journal of Religion and Public Life (re)scribe
Popular Mechanics
SOON Online -- a magazine in easy English
Boundless (College student magazine from Focus on the Family)

Software archives

[Info-Mac] [Other]



UI Archive
Virtual Shareware Library
UWTC Mac library
Walnut Creek CDROM
cdrom site


Evita Perón Historical Research Foundation
Michelle Akers (Olympic gold medalist soccer player)
Douglas Yeo Bass Trombonist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra
Jim "Button" Knopf, the Father of Shareware
Luke Seemann
Scott Dittman
Dinh Yen Tran
Dave's Web Page
The Woz
Scott Bannister
Mark's mega HoPe
Brad Templeton
Bob Allison
Spider's Web
Ed's Homepage


Malaysian Student Association of Central Illinois
Overseas Chinese Students Association
List of various Malaysian clubs

Food & Drinks

Epicurious Recipes
Mats Carlberg's recipes
Jesse's Cajun cooking
Recipes for ice cream
Low Fat Vegetarian Archive
The Infamous Nieman-Marcus Cookie Recipe
Jason Smart's Recipe Book
Soy and Veggie Recipes
Cyber Kitchen
Kent Lee's International Cookbook

Fine Art

Ian's picture collection
The Gallery (inspiring images)
PhotoStop Photo contest
Ken Acmens' Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada) Photographs
The Web Museum
Massoud Malek's museum o classical fine art rendered in 3D
Pastel Portraits and Caricatures
Sons & Daughters (Christian rock)
The Piano Page
Guitar Net
Singaporean art gallery
Gifs directory (by date)
Web Graphics & Links Collection
TV Theme Songs
Singapore's Botanic Gardens
Chinese New Year & Hari Raya Aidilfitri Cards
E-Greetings (with animated cards)
Custard Pie Postcards
CommerceAsia's Electronic Greeting Card Service
Blue Mountain Arts' Animated Greeting Cards
Virtual Vacation
GRN USENET Multi-part Article Decoder
Ito Galleries (Disney fan art)
Traditional Music for Penny Whistle and Ocarina
Machula Design
On-line Exhibitions and Images
Weld's breathtaking scenic photographs
Hokusai's Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji
Another Hokusai's Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji
Hokusai, Hiroshige, and Friends
EDO no IKI Gallery
Jim Breen's Ukiyo-E Gallery
80s Jukebox
Christian Music Online
The Complete MIDI File Directory
Lean on Me
Hot like a chili
Printing on Fabric With an InkJet Printer
Background tile collection
Clipart gallery
Virtual Free Clipart
Old Jim (many animated scenes)
Christmas WAVs & MIDIs
Various WAVs
Christian music MIDIs


Teachers for Thailand
Jefferson Project's Presidential Straw Poll
RealCom's Presidential Straw Poll
Government is not God
Focus on the Family (Family values)
American Family Association
The Right Side of the Web (Right-wing)
Freedom from pornography
Life is for Everyone (Pro-life)
National Right to Life Committee
Of Life & Liberty (Pro-life)
Pro-life Resource List
Prolife site of the week
Ohio Right to Life
Pro-Life Alliance of Gays & Lesbians
Articles on Norma McCorvey
  1. Driving Miss Norma
  2. Jane Roe
  3. A letter from Jane Roe
  4. More quit
  5. Miss Norma
  6. Detroit News: 'Roe' sends mixed signals with abortion about-face
  7. 'Jane Roe' comes to terms with past in new book
NOW Champaign (Pro-choice)
International Institute for Sustainable Development Linkages (3rd-world development)
Town Hall (Conservatives)
Family Research Council (after Sept '95)
Of The People Foundation (Parential rights)
The Separation of School & State Alliance
Stonewall Revisited (Homosexuality)
Indonesian Huaren Crisis Center


Treasury Department
American Memory (from the Library of Congress)
White House
USPS Address Quality & ZIP Code Lookup
Census Bureau
Legislative Information
Congressional Quarterly Information Service
Voter Information Services
Congressional record
The U.S. House of Representatives
Write Representative
Dick Gephardt Web Watch
Paro-dise (Rush Limbaugh dittohead)
The British Commonwealth Online


Kidding around
Keys for Kids Toys "R" Us
Grund stuffed animals
Bonus Kids' Site


Today's Game
Word Match
Tic Tac Toe
Microscope Game (Chello)
Crossword Puzzle
Java Game Arcade
Puyo Puyo on the web
Internet Gaming Zone
Pass the pigs (a craps-like game)
Yahee Games Kaleidescope Painter


[Hamsters] [Other Pets] [Other Animals]


Barney in a jar
A hamster in winter
Glenn's Hamsters -- The "Hamster Chronicles" are a must-read.
Room of Hamster -- some really cute hamster drawings under the "Internet picture book" section.
Tela's Hamster Page
Bubbles and Teddy
Helen the Hamster's Page
Fluff Hamster - Sunflower Seed Guru
Alan Barclay's hamster page
Lorraine Hill's "Complete Hamster Site"
Wodent Wheel

Other Pets

Edward A. Leonard, D. V. M. Online Vet
Pet Pages
The Pet Palace

Other Animals

Leaping dolphins
Holy Cow! Cow with a view
Amy Ryan & the cow with a view
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit


Comet Shoemaker-Levy
Another Shoemaker-Levy page
Apollo 11 25th aniversary
NASA's Johnson Space Center, Image Sciences Division, digital image collection
Astrolink to the Astroprairie
Hubble Space Telescope data
NASA JSC digital space image collection


Ron Knott's Fibonacci pages


Book Pool
Best Book Buys

Social Sciences

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter (personality test)
Retrouvaille (help for troubled marriages)
Weekly Words

Stuff to check out (Not yet classified)

WWW Catalog forms
Best of the Web
Mac Page
Mac page 2
Singapore NTU
Champaign Centennial High
A Day in the Life of Cyberspace
Zarf's list of Interactive games
Challenger transcript

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